One thing our team has a lot of is opinion. Love them or hate them, we are excited about the solutions they might help create.

Supported by professionals in both financial services and market research, our markets team is here to turn your business around, to help it survive in difficult situations and make it a winner.

Financial Services

Are you a start-up company, a medium enterprise or a large corporation seeking real value? Working alongside financial advisers, shareholders and all levels of management, our professionals are able to plan and deliver restructuring plans that can provide real enhancements to the cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet. The earlier a problem is identified and tackled, the better probabilities the company has to turn its performance around.

We work with our clients to evaluate and analyze proposed transactions, highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal. Big or small, simple or complex, we bring commercial know-how, industry insight, detailed analytical skills and an in-depth accounting and technical heritage to all. We can assist by providing these service offerings:

  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Business Model Reviews
  • Investment Strategy Frameworks
  • Portfolio Risk Evaluation, Quantification and Model Implementation
  • Asset Management Advisory

Market Intelligence & Regulatory Services

Whether you are a financial institution, consumer goods company, service provider or non-governmental agency, our market intelligence service serves as a conduit between you and the marketplace. Are you a merchant or service provider wishing to create a market niche for your product? Is your firm looking to implement a new marketing or sales technique? Are you looking to expand your business or enter a new market?

To make decisions that will build their business, management needs more than data; they need information that’s digestible, applicable and actionable. Our understanding of industry trends, the inter-relationships between various markets, their interactions with the regulatory environment enables us design and implement solutions, policies and frameworks that would turn to real benefit or value to our client. We can also assist management identify the applicable laws and regulations to better understand the regulatory environment.

We have the know-how, tools and energy to create better, more predictable results. Clients notice a difference when they work with us. We're problem solvers who provide innovative, proven approaches to a wide range of situations. We utilize an infusion of multiple methodologies and simulation, into our process so clients can have confidence that the improvements are going to work. Our market intelligence and regulatory services offerings include:

  • Market Research & Industry Analysis
  • Feasibility & Market Studies
  • Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Program Planning & Management for NGOs and other Agencies
  • Development of Regulatory Compliance Frameworks
  • Board and Audit Committee assessments
  • Program Management Office (PMO) Design and Implementation
  • Channel & Sales Management Software Selection

For specific information on how our markets team can assist you, please contact