Results are what matter—we get that. Our success will always be judged by how professionally we arrive at the right solutions for our clients’ objectives. But how we get there starts with the things we believe.

Who We Are

JPS is a professional services firm that prides itself on providing thought leadership, execution excellence and great relationships to clients from the start-ups to the blue chips. We apply disruptive thinking and thorough analysis to create innovative solutions for the toughest business challenges. We focus on completing projects instead of expanding them, and clients value our straight execution approach to strengthening business performance, and enhancing meaningful change. In other words, our consulting gets you there the right way.

Vision and Mission

We are a multidisciplinary advisory firm whose vision is to consistently deliver success to our clients and employees based on our core principles. Our mission is to create exceptional value adding solutions through outstanding service and excellent understanding of clients’ needs with relation to the markets.

Our Values

We have a strong value proposition built on an establishment of three values - Service, Solutions and Markets. These values describe clearly what we stand for, and are the guiding philosophy for how we manage the firm, our work and our relationships.

Service: We are passionate about partnering with clients to deliver excellent value by surpassing their expectations through outstanding and dedicated service in order to build enduring relationships.

Solutions: We believe in leveraging on our diverse skills and shared knowledge to create exceptional solutions via people, process, performance and technology.

Markets: We understand our environment and will continuously thrive to deliver superior service through our understanding of our clients’ business and the markets where they operate.


In an industry quick to promise distinction and quality, JPS stands out by simply stating that we guarantee our work to the total satisfaction of our clients. If a client is not fully satisfied with our services, we will accept the portion of professional fees that reflects their level of satisfaction.